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Are you searching for the right fitness podcast to help keep you going on the treadmill? Or inspire you to get back into the gym before summer hits? Or maybe you already workout but you want some tips on how to improve your workout and diet. Come on board as we take you through a list of some of the amazing podcasts you should try out when next you hit the gym.

The Guardian Guide for Running

Having troubles with training for a marathon, here is the right podcast to help prepare for your next race. This 8-week podcast intensive training program will improve your stamina, wellbeing, running skills, and overall wellbeing. Every week you tasked with a new assignment; week three is a blend of two-minute walks and 90-second run recovery. You could start listening right away to know what comes up next!

The Main Draw from Caitlin Thompson and Chris Neary

The tennis podcast “The Main Draw” hosted by Caitlin Thompson and Chris Neary is a seasonal podcast that releases short episodes weekly, to discuss all the recent happenings in the U.S, Wimbledon, Open, etc. Whether you are tennis fan or not but desire to become inspired to start playing and an all-sports guru, The Main Draw is your right podcast for you!

The Nutrition Diva’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Eating Well and Feeling Fabulous

In this podcast Monica Reinagel gives ten minutes painless, simple methods to enhance your eating habits with experimented facts from real life situations and answering the frequent question we all have about our meals. Monica makes eating more enjoyable and fun, so you learn to make the best of every meal, and soon enough you will have a healthier eating habit and feel more fabulous!

The Daily Boost

Ranks top among most popular motivational podcast, since its launch in 2006, the daily Boost has recorded over 20 million downloads. Scott Smith hosts the podcast; he discusses concrete ways for healthier living in just nine minutes daily episodes. Listen to an episode today and be sure to get a charge to becoming motivated and upbeat.

Food Heaven Podcast

This bi-weekly podcast is for everyone who desires to live a greener life and have better wellbeing. BFFs Wendy and Jess reveal the secrets of healthy foods and daily life, filled with lots of humor and information. If you have a passion for nutrition and food, you could give this podcast a trial. Who knows, you could get to learn something new!

Marathon Training Academy

The coach Angie Spencer will help you unravel your potentials in making a balance between your marathon training and life. The podcast is one of the few running podcasts available. Angie combines her knowledge and experience as a former nurse and practicing helping you develop your running skills and feel better.

Sound Bites

If you desire to have a clearer understanding of the science and psychology what you eat, sound bite is the perfect podcast for you!  The podcast is hosted by the famous award-winning nutritionist, Melissa Joy Dobbins. Melissa hosts talks with professionals including researchers, dietitians, authors, academics in addressing a variety of topics including farming, diabetes, healthy diets, weight management and dieting, etc.