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Podcasts are considered by many a new form of therapy. We are all trapped in traffic every day, we all have bad days and sometimes we just need a moment to relax and find strength to move on. The story of podcasts starts with the famous interviews and amazing motivational speeches that were easy to reach thanks to the advancement of the internet and technology. Now, we tend to listen to them more and more to relax, find inspiration or learn new things. They are a very easy way to disconnect from the outside world and they can be listened to everywhere.

But what are the best podcasts to get inspired daily?

We have selected some of the best inspirational podcasts to help you cope with the daily struggles and to help you achieve your goals.

The Daily Boost: Best Daily Motivation

This is a very funny podcast that will put a smile on your face even if you were stuck in traffic for the past half an hour. This general podcast is very straightforward, and the author has very funny inspirational stories that he lies sharing with his audience. It is a very good podcast for stress-coping and it is perfect to listen to it on your way to work or whenever you are stressed. You are guaranteed to relax and to have a smile on your face at the end of it.

The Accidental Creative

A Great podcast for the person that wants to be inspired to be more successful and hard-working. Each episode of this podcast consists of interviews with actors, businessmen and artists that managed to be successful against all odds. This is the best podcast for when you are feeling down, or you have struggles to find your career path. You will feel inspired by the stories of these people and after listening to it you will find the strength to run that extra mile.

The Tony Robbins

This podcast is perfect for those who want to advance in their careers and are interested to learn more about the business world and economics. This podcast is presented by Tony Robbins, a businessman with a vast experience that is ready to share his thoughts with you. It is a great way to learn about the business world fast and how to avoid some of the mistakes that he had made.

Beyond the To-Do list

A great podcast if you are struggling to become a better person but you find yourself lazy or unwilling. This podcast will tell you how to change minor things in your life to be more successful and to live a fulfilled life.

The Overwhelmed Brain

A Great podcast for people who suffer from anxiety and chronic stress. It is perfect to help you cope with the daily stress and to learn some anxiety coping techniques that will help you get through the day better and feeling less tired in the evening.