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Politics today have become a whirlwind of events to discuss. A few decades ago, reputable news channels and stations were dedicated to bringing the truth to the people. Lately, it is difficult to discern political tricks from journalistic truths. Without this outlet, it has been left up to the masses to put the pieces together as if they were working with a 5,000 piece puzzle. The world is interconnected having an impact on one another more so than ever before. What happens next will have effects on a global scale.

The political climate is a seasoned melody of severe opinions and ideals. The left versus the right and vice versa has caused one of the most volatile periods in recent history. Reminiscent of past times and grievances, we have a population of humans divided. Social topics have become a mainstream agenda with no end in sight. How does one stay informed without the persuasion of the media? The answer is simple… Podcasts are a key informer who offer insightful perspectives of what is really happening around us.

KCRW’S Left, Right and Center

As you can tell from the title, this podcast is balanced in view allowing everyone to take a stand and make mention of their points. Well rounded and fair, you can expect a visit weekly from each side of the political line to discuss the matters at hand. Debunking the media and getting to the bottom of the truth is both informative and casual. Weekly adjustments from what was heard, seen and said can be viewed as the tie breaker among political enthusiasts.

Crooked Media

Even though this Podcast leans to the liberal side of life, they have recently began integrating a conservative point of view to the mix. Their objective is to save the world with topics covering Foreign Policies and affairs. Growing concerns for the welfare of several countries have inspired the need to understand more of how politics work on a global scale. Information concerning activist groups, direct effects to cultures globally and Security crisis coverage are a few additions that will keep you listening in.

Dan Carlin’s Common Sense

Dan Carlin’s Common Sense
Dan Carlin’s Common Sense

Its finally here! A healthy dose of common sense and reality all rolled up into one tidy Podcast. Without the politically correct notion of other shows, Dan Carlin  takes us through the process of politics, the results and what is fact versus fiction. Seeing the demise of hard fact news on the political side has prompted him to offer a close look at what is happening in real time. He may seem abrasively harsh with a no nonsense attitude, yet he is also the friend you would want to have lunch with. His approach to political workings will win you over in a matter of minutes.

Keeping in tune with political times has never been more imperative than the current generation. In an everchanging world, knowing the truth behind the scenes of media will determine our actions or decisions. Podcasts are our way to stay connected with the happenings that are sure to affect our future.