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Starting your own podcast channel or show has two sides of tasks. The first holds a slew of tech savvy requirements while the second has a flair for creative input and style. Most people who tune in are unaware of the behind the scenes action leaving them to look at the personality of the host and content delivered. These are the dynamics that persuade the audience to continue listening or switch channels altogether. Once you ensure a higher quality of technical elements, the rest is up to you as the presenter.  It is exciting to begin a new podcast adventure. There is the hopes of high visibility, a successful show and a seamless transition throughout the process. Aside from the how you will move your podcast forward, there is also the who, what and when of the scenario.

Podcast How

It is the first step for any starting podcaster to consider how exactly they plan to broadcast their show. There are endless options in the internet ocean to choose from. This is where some hosts prefer to hire a pro to add to the team. They will take care of the multitude of technological to dos giving you time to focus on the show.

Podcast What

The more complex item in your plan is the official “what” of your podcast. Successful shows will fall under one umbrella of subject matter. It becomes the draw and special of the hour with a focused topic. Picking a genre is a personal choice and should be something you have knowledge in, experience with and a genuine interest towards the core of the podcast. This will lead you to what style you will contribute through the duration. Fun and friendly or engaging and conscientious are a good place to start your contemplation.

Podcast Who

Podcast Who
Podcast Who

With the theme on hand and sketched out, there is the question of who will do the show with you. Some podcast hosts are solo speakers and others have a whole panel of regulars. Guests, interviews or simply a dynamic duet of talent have all been proven to have a positive following. This decision will be included in how your program is formatted and designed. Consistency is important, however changing up the itinerary here or there can keep the dialogue fresh and revolving. You have the potential for adaptability with guest speakers on occasion and a planned panel of experts for the audience to look forward to.

Podcast When

Demographics and knowing your audience will statistically be your guiding light. Depending on the chosen genre your show will depict, there is a specific time slot that will prove beneficial. A good example is if your show revolves around parenting toddler aged children, a late night schedule will not apply to most of your listeners. Selecting age groups and lifestyles will determine what time of day alongside which advertising and topic routes will be the best to take.

The answers to these questions is a good start to your podcast plan of action. Becoming a known name and voice on the circuit will take time and attention to detail. Your personal touch will shine behind the mic as your show grows each listening week.