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Podcasts are great for so many things, they can be entertaining but they can also be very educational and helpful. There are tips on how to stay in shape, how to be a better business man and so much more. One topic that seems to be very popular is how to be a better writer. There are so many great podcast, many of which are written by authors, that can help you in your writing goals. Here are a few of our favorite.

Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips

This podcast is not like the ones you are familiar with. It does not focus on plot, character development, but on the different parts of grammar or even the English language itself.

Each episode is targeted at making learners improve their grammar. Writers may feel they don’t make mistakes in spellings and other common errors in writing, but a look at the podcast will help to find problem areas. Also, written guides come in within the podcast to help improve skills in the English language. Your time shouldn’t be given to writing only, try listening to this podcast, too. You don’t want to keep making the same mistakes in your written or spoken English, do you?

I Should Be Writing

The podcast is all about the tone and style of writing as well as solving the issue of procrastination. Mur Lafferty, a fantasy author, is the host for this podcast. This fun and exciting podcast begins by telling listeners of the time wasted in watching movies instead of engaging in writing.  Notable guests feature in the program, some of whom are Connie Willis and Neil Gaiman. The podcast comprises more than 300 episodes, and each of them is about 15 minutes long minimum or approximately 1-hour most, especially for episodes discussing difficult topics. You can also get the book version of I Should Be Writing which was released in 2017. If you want a podcast that is meaningful and adds fun to learning, I Should Be Writing is your best choice.

Writing Excuses

This is one of the most original writing podcast you will ever come across. Seasoned writers such as Brandon Sanderson, Dan Wells, Mary Robinette and talented web cartoonist Howard Tayler all feature in this extraordinary podcast.

Writing Excuses has successfully run about 13 seasons of their teaching and educating program so far. You get to learn writing more profoundly and interestingly like never. The listener or learner is encouraged to do some homework at the end of each podcast. This homework comes as a creative exercise you must complete before moving on to the next episode. You will feel that you are undergoing a course on creative writing without having to pay for it.  A great feature in Writing Excuses is the experience you get during conversation time when the different authors share their peculiar opinions. Each of these experienced authors is specialized in various aspects of writing, and what they have to say adds to the depth and richness of the entire podcast.