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Now technology is evolving, an era that presents many opportunities to people with the most straightforward technical ability, opportunities like being able to share their vocal skills through broadcast for the world to hear. Most people have turned out to be international celebrities, from lending their voices to the airwaves, creating fame that attracts more ears than an average podcaster. Here are few notable personalities in the podcast industry:

Smodcast-Kevin Smith

Smith the epitome of excellence is a high achiever in the industry, more especially when it comes to stuff like comics, and movies which are his area of expertise. Aside from being a podcaster, he is a clerk director, and part of the SModcast Podcast Network. Smith with his friends and colleagues have been working selflessly, today the SModcast Network currently hosts nineteen shows and still counting in the podcasting industry.

Under The Skin-Russell Brand

The famous podcaster Brand focused on revealing “what is beneath the surface” is a talented comedian who discusses on a variety of topics like showbiz, politics, and many others. With the aid of academic exposure and views of some experienced people, draws general observations of some things that are often not considered significant and neglected.

Here’s the Thing: Alec Baldwin

Listening to the sandy but the jovial voice of Emmy winner Alec Baldwin could be an educating moment. If you are concerned in what he says and not distracted by the way he says it, you stand to learn lots of things about the NYC; his radio show/podcast is presented by the WNYC studios. Baldwin is known to host various public figures encompassing performers, artists, and many others interviewing and getting to hear their experiences.

Pollak’s Chat Show: Kevin Pollak

Might not be in A-list. However, Pollak has made a legacy in the acting world to chat for some time, and he is making his fame in the podcast industry. He and his colleagues Samm Levine and his pattern Jaime Fox from the famous movie Freaks and Geeks are conducting in-depth interviews on a variety of topics involving many guests from all walks of life with different opinions and perceptions.

Stories with Mohr: Jay Mohr

The famous actor/comedian has made a remarkable success with his podcast, likewise many other people on this list, he specializes in sports with a little blend of showbiz and comedy. The unique pattern of his show and his peculiar method of interview, like a meat-and-potatoes podcast, “Mohr Stories” gets right to it, has earned Mohr a good standing in the industry and making a distinct interviewer.

I Am Rapaport: Michael Rapaport

Michael that featured in “White Famous” and “Beautiful Girls,” has appeared in my other shows, and is earning lots of money today with podcast known as a foul-mouthed podcast where he shares his thoughts on sports, acting, and many other topics. All these individuals have used podcast as a platform to talk and discuss all forms and types of topics that interest everyone.