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If your interest is piqued hearing about the Mandela Effect or unsolved crimes, you will enjoy Podcasts of legends, lore and Mystery. The tales and truths that surround us have yet to be deemed as fact or fiction. The lines of limbo have long been a focus for super sleuths and inquisitive minds. Conspiracy theories are aligned with unsolved mysteries such as crimes, events and happenings throughout history. Podcast programs and channels are shedding theoretical light into the gray, letting their audiences ultimately decide. If you are looking for a compelling Podcast to become your next favorite, delve into the intrigue and prepare to be mystified.

Weird World Podcast

The world is full of “weird” people, places and things. This Podcast covers odd trinkets across multiple topics. Facts and theories surrounding unresolved crimes and stories are the tip of the magnifying glass. The show also turns a corner of bizarre events and telling’s. Exploring the strange to mysterious and everything in between, you will certainly set your calendars to never miss a show.

Alltime Conspiracies

There are two sides to every conspiracy theory. Reviewing the dynamics of how it began, and evidentiary support will supply each side of the fence a basis for their beliefs. Conspiracy theorists are often referred to as radicals, yet the concepts are thought provoking with a very real possibility of being true. If there is a cover up behind the scenes, there will still always be a trace of hints left creating a trail to follow. Alltime Conspiracies discusses the facts allowing you to decide what is plausible.

Thinking Sideways Podcast

Nothing is as it seems and Thinking Sideways takes it to a next level discussion. If it is a reflection of different with a sighting of strange, this podcast will pick it up. True crimes that are called on scene might have a mirage of facts versus the reality of what occurred. You will find a diverse group of topics that will leave you wondering what is real and what lies behind the mystery. This particular Podcast starts off a skeptical path which can lead to some great moments through the show.

Unsolved Mysteries of The World

The enigmatic veil we live under presents itself in many ways. From UFO’s to the ambiguous anomalies of the regions, this Podcast takes an interest in it. Conspiracies and fascinating legends fill the show with marveling perspectives. Myths and paranormal observations include sightings, experiences and proven accounts. From the unanswered questions about the pyramids to a bump in the night, you will find yourself listening in regularly.

Crawlspace: True Crime and Mysteries

If you find unsolved crimes and mysteries interesting, this real-life case Podcast makes it a point to discuss details that are the missing pieces of the puzzle. Past and present crimes are reviewed with old and cold cases alongside the infamous headlines throughout the years. Today’s news and yesterdays questions make for a captivating program in Podcast land.

Enjoy the what ifs and whodunnits by tuning in to the weird, odd and strange. Podcasts make it easy to find your favorite programs or shows. Look a little deeper with genuine mysteries while finding your inner detective.