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Creating a podcast does not require technical knowledge. It takes some time to master the whole process and easily release podcasts to your audience. Note that if your plan is to build an audience with your podcast, you need to post contents regularly. As much as the process of producing a podcast is fun, you need to still be conscious enough to treat it as a work if you wish to be successful at it. This post will outline some of the basic equipment you need to make a podcast and also the steps involved in creating a podcast.

Equipment You Need to Make a Podcast

A Microphone

Any type of microphone can be used to record a podcast. But it is better to invest in quality microphones for high quality and clear sounds.

Portable XLR Recorder

This equipment is optional. If you intend to make use of analog microphones in recording your podcast, then you will need a Portable XLR Recorder to capture analog sounds and adjust the sound level and also mute if you want.

A Computer

You need a computer to edit and publish your podcast. Any Mac computer or Windows computer can serve this purpose. Most editing software does not require a high computing power. You can also opt to record into your computer directly or use a recording device first.

Audio Editing Software

You will need a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) to handle your recordings and editing of your audios. There are many options available to choose from.

How to Record A Podcast

Choose a Niche

You need to pick a topic or niche for your podcast. Remember that you will be posting lots of podcasts regularly. You can create a podcast channel in a broad niche, but it is better to niche it down to a smaller topic. Also, you will more successful in the long run if you focus on a topic you have passion on.

Download and Install the Audio Software

As mentioned earlier, you need a Digital Audio Workstation to record your podcast. A good example of a DAW is Audacity. Download and install it on your system. Check your microphone setup to ensure that recognized by Audacity

Record the Podcast

After you have checked your microphone configuration, it is time to do the actual recording. Remember that there should be no background sound in your recording location. After you are done with recording, save the file and move to the next step.

Create a Brand Name and Cover Image for Your Podcast

Remember that you are trying to build a brand with your podcast. You need to be creative in picking a name for your podcast. Also, you need to hire a graphic designer to design a good cover image for your podcast.

Publish Your Podcast

This is the stage where you find a place to host your podcast in an MP3 format. There are both free and paid podcast hosting platforms out there. You can try any of these platforms – Soundcloud or Podbean.