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Every day, an average of five people starts their online podcast. There is enough podcast available to scare off a first-time listener and make them overwhelmed about dipping their toes into the large podcast pool. Most listeners are often fond of asking the questions, where do we star? Which show is worth my time? How do I get the best podcast? Each one is different and there is always one out there perfect for you. Here are some of the most excellent podcasts of all time.


Bayard Rustin

Hosted by Al Letson, State of the Re: Union usually takes a journey to a particular American community. On a specific episode titled Bayard Rustin: Who is this man in 2010, he breaks from the regular pattern to introduce listeners to the black, gay, Quaker pacifist Bayard Rustin who educated Martin Luther King on principles of nonviolence and he was the unacknowledged architect of the March on Washington. He had an unusual life usually omitted from histories of civil rights movement, and in this episode, Al Letson weaves together the Letson’s depiction of Rustin’s work with clips from Rustin’s speeches and interviews.



Marc Maron’s WTF show is the best podcasts ever. Maron started his parted his podcast has something we can call a professional low point almost out of desperation. When he first started recording WTD, he was sometimes sneaking to the studio of the radio station that just fired, putting something out into the world via this independent medium because he wasn’t quite sure of the next step to take. After this, he continued, and he was bitter about his professional disappointments, and a lot of his conversations were usually with his more successful peers although it wasn’t part of the goal of the podcast. One could quickly detect during the early episodes that Maron was working out some of his resentments, and his frequent intense talks with fellow comics allowed him to know himself better. One of his most memorable episodes is the one titled Louis C.K. when he released the two-part episode as an episode. His interview with Louis C.K is one of the fascinating conversations you may ever hear. He provided genuine insight into the career and mind of one of the world’s great comics as well as different thoughts on friendship, success, failure, and fatherhood.


Serial is often regarded as the first ever smash hit podcast. It did not grow an audience slowly, it popped up within a day, and then everyone started talking about it. The serial has a lot of episodes, and one of the favorite events that got a lot of attention is “The Alibi”. You’ll meet Adnan Syed, a very young man in jail for the murder of Hae Min Lee his ex-girlfriend. Then you notice that something isn’t right and everything doesn’t add up. Syed says he’s innocent. Although you might want to believe him, it was the beginning of one of the most captivating crime podcasts ever created.