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Podcasts are considered by many the new therapy and food for the years form of entertainment. They can be listened to virtually anywhere and they are a very good stress coping technique for many people. If at first, they were consisting of interviews with actors and famous people, now they are much more liberalized, and you can find a podcast with anything. Comedy shows have always been extremely popular since they manage to make us relax and because they put a smile on out faces, no matter how stressed we are. Comedy podcasts are a new trend that doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. But many people wonder which the best comedy podcast for them is. We have listed some of the best comedy podcasts to help you relax and to put a smile on your face even if you are stuck in traffic.

Amy Schumer presents: 3 girls, One Keith

This is one of the most popular comedy podcasts out there. Amy Schumer is well-known for her brutal honesty and rough stand-up comedy style. All these characteristics and even more are transposed in this hilarious podcast. She likes tackling different subjects in her unique style and you will have a good laugh while listening to it. She is one of the best stand-up comedians today, so you are guaranteed to have a blast while listening to her.

The Joe Rogan Experience

A pod cast that is a different type of comedy podcast. He is well-known as a very successful comedian and this podcast proves this. He has a very rough and unique comedy style that will suit your taste too. He like tackling all sorts of subjects and he isn’t afraid of making fun of a sensitive subject. He is fun, rough and this podcast is here to prove it. You will enjoy it on your way to work or on a long drive.

Shane and friends

This is a comedy podcast made by the YouTube start Shane Dawson. He is famous for his quirky and sometimes odd humor. He first started by reviewing other videos on YouTube and he has a unique ability to make the most random subject fun. He is very refreshing, and his comedy skills are amazing. His style is not very shouting, and his podcasts are suitable for a general audience.

The Breakfast clubs

This is original and diverse comedy podcasts out there. The hosts are truly amazing, and they manage to make every piece of news and information funny so that you have a blast while listening to them. They are fresh and sometimes very straightforward, so you will also get an honest opinion of the daily news.

Anna Faris is Unqualified

A very fresh and fun comedy podcast that is suitable for anyone. Anna is well-known for her amazing comedy skills and unique jokes. You are guaranteed to have a good laugh and to relieve stress while listening to her.