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We all know about text-based articles, and they are the mediums through which we read a lot of reviews and find out about the latest news. There are also forums like NeoGaF and Reddit where we learn skills, cheat codes, and techniques from our fellow gamers. Videos are also excellent ways to learn and improve the game experience, but Podcast has transformed video game writers and handed them a personality. Podcasts allow us to enjoy and stay updated on the latest video game trends while we go about our daily activities without having to spend a dedicated time. There are a lot of podcasts that are grazing the airways, and it’s quite hard to choose the best. Here are some of the best podcast for video gamers.

 8-4 PLAY

It would be unfair to create a list of video game podcasts and forget to name 8-4 play as part of them. The podcast dates over a decade, and it still retains its uniqueness as its host Chris Ricciardi and Mark MacDonald who moved to Japan to kick-start a company that deals with translating Japanese games into English to bring them into the western world. It is the best podcast for gamers who are fed up of listening to people talking about the same old games because you will enjoy a lot and probably fall in love with Japanese games.


The Giant Bombcast is widely known as one of the best game podcast. The Giant Bombcast has a fun-filled package with high content and it usually runs longer than a typical podcast with is either good or bad depending on the listener. Every week, there is a three-hour episode released. If you are not the type of person that fancy long podcast or enough to listen to them, you might be scared off. Regardless of the length, it will be great for you to check it out. The podcast has funny hast, and they have superior quality compared to most podcasts.


If you a fan of strategy games, Three Moves away is one of your best gaming podcast. The podcast founded in 2009 became part of the Idle Thumbs network years ago. While they have three regular panelists, a lot of high profile guests join in on different episode to talk about both the modern and the classic strategy games. The podcast focuses on strategy, user interfaces, and design elements


For adult gamers that have families and careers, the game world might become a bit juvenile sometimes. It is mostly comprised of kids, and it’s quite easy to feel as if you’re a stranger. Every week on a new episode, the host analyses different games including the latest development and issues affecting the industry with a mature tone that is designed for audience that is seasoned gamers. Even if you are the type that plays video games all day, it will be fun to find time to listen to some podcast every week. It will not only entertain you, but the podcast will also give you tips that will improve your gameplay.