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Podcasts have become a much needed escape for the busy entrepreneur. Podcasts are so easy to listen to, quick to digest and can cover a wide range of topics. Podcasts are so convenient: you can listen in the mornings on your phone while getting ready, while working or in the car. Podcasts are much like a cup of coffee, whereas they don’t distract you from the business at hand, yet instead, they offer a nice value for a small commitment. Listening to podcasts is a nice habit to adapt as an entrepreneur; you can tune in while multitasking and even when going out for lunch. For many successful entrepreneurs, podcasts are needed daily in order to get the day started. Here are the best podcasts for entrepreneurs to listen to.


Impact Theory is a business and mindset-focused podcast show that teaches anyone aspiring to reach greatness the secrets to becoming successful. The show is hosted by Tom Bilyeu, a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of Quest Nutrition. Tom is also the former host of the viral hit Youtube series Inside Quest. Tom is known for his passion and preparation. He’s always eager to learn from the guests that he interviews on the show. He digs deep and brings the urgency of someone hungry to put what he’s learning to use immediately. The show is not only entertaining and energetic, but also super useful and educating. With over 130 episodes to date, you’re sure to find true inspiration and motivation to follow your dreams and succeed as an entrepreneur listening to Impact Theory.


Ed Mylett, who is a top business leader, peak performance expert, and global keynote speaker, hosts the Ed Mylett Show. The show is geared towards delivering to you great ideas, strategies, tips and inspiration that could potentially transform different areas of your life. Whether you’re wanting to transform your mind, body, business, or family, this is the show to tune into. Ed Mylett is known for giving it to you raw and uncut. He has a passion for helping people succeed. There’s no way you can listen to this podcast without being completely inspired to make some changes in your life and business. The show is educational, informative, fun and engaging.

Podcasts are super useful


Hosted by New York Times Best Selling Author, Rachel Hollis, RISE is a series of bold, engaging conversations between business powerhouses and personal development leaders. The show provides its listeners with real-life valuable takeaways that can be applied to everyday life and business. This show is all of the motivation that any entrepreneur needs to keep going. Rachel is a mom of four, a wife, and serial entrepreneur who knows what it’s like to have a lot on her plate, but also delegate tasks to get things done. Rachel is real, down to earth, and just honest. She gives real and useful advice that anyone should follow. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or stay at home mom, this podcast can change your life.


Confessions of a WERKaholic is a podcast hosted by serial entrepreneur Koeryelle Dubois. The show is a weekly podcast that shares the success secrets of fearless female entrepreneurs. Koeryelle is a breath of fresh air, a former teacher, who has built an empire off teaching others how she turned her $36,000 teaching salary into a six figure business. Koeryelle speaks life into her listeners and motivates you to want to get up and work towards your dreams. She also interviews several boss women and men on different episodes where you can take away some very valuable information. This podcast is real, raw, and no fluff, perfect for entrepreneurs at any stage in their journey.


Coins and Connections is a weekly podcast show hosted by best selling author and self-deemed multipreneur, Cinquanta Cox Smith. The show focuses on takeaways and lessons from Cinquanta, where she takes you on a journey of self-discovery, real life and also teaches you how to make money from home. She is a super down-to-earth person who genuinely just wants others to win. Tune into this podcast for great conversations, tons of business tips and ideas.


As a busy entrepreneur, myself, it is hard to get a ton of motivation or inspiration in while you’re working, especially all alone. This is why I love podcasts! Podcasts allow me to be inspired, educated and just reflect on my journey anytime that I want. There’s nothing like listening to these podcasts by entrepreneurs who know what you’re going through. I especially love listening to my favorite podcasts while showering, in the car and even on my downtime while I play different games such as bingo, roulette and chess. I love that they’re not a distraction and I can still focus on the tasks at hand. Podcasts are not only a useful tool, but they are much needed on this journey of entrepreneurship to keep you pushing forward.